Executive Team Performance

Thrive in an environment that fits who you are

Michael always maintains the highest degree of integrity, has an honest demeanor, and an exceptional work ethic. He has a professional presence and a personality that allows him to build strong executive relationships. He is an excellent communicator with a skill for listening and a polished presenter with the ability to take complex data and make it easy to digest. Michael is sought after because of his creativity, dedication to success, and dependability. His character is of the highest caliber and can always be trusted to make the right ethical choices.

-G.G., Vice President

Your Team’s Challenges

As the business environment becomes more complex, it is critical for your team to be engaged, motivated, communicating effectively, and committed to achieving your organization’s strategic objectives. In developing a close-knit and productive team, you may encounter challenges which I have helped a variety of executive teams overcome, including the challenges to:

Manage Change

Leverage your natural communication style and motivators to find comfort in growth.

Communicate Powerfully

Learn to read other people and tailor your message to them.

Be Productive

Accomplish more in less time and have more clarity about best courses of action.

Execute Strategy

Confidently align your actions with your life’s intent.

Michael’s Executive Team Performance Solutions

To overcome critical team challenges and achieve your strategic objectives, I’ll walk you through a 3-step process to foster individual and group awareness, train your team on working better together, and provide ongoing executive coaching to hold individuals accountable to organization goals.

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Each member of your team will complete the Talent Insights® assessment which explores an individual’s core behaviors and motivators.

Team Training

Executive team members are brought together to drive deeper understanding of methodologies that open lines of communication and place accountability for goal achievement. Requested trainings include focuses on communication, strategic objectives, and managing change.

Executive Coaching

Each member of your executive team receives three (3) months of coaching with two (2) in-person (or Skype) meetings per 30-day period to ensure what was learned in the assessment and team training phases is facilitating change.

Drive Team Cohesion Through Experiential Learning