Michael is a terrific coach. I find Michael to be extremely intelligent, insightful and organized in his approach.  But more importantly he is thoughtful. Michael has step by step taken me through a process of overcoming limiting beliefs and personal discovery.  As a result of Michael’s guidance I’ve simply become more effective both professionally and in my personal life.

If you are looking for someone to simply agree with the way that you’ve been doing it and not ask the hard questions or hold your feet to the proverbial fire, then this guy is not for you!  However, he moves at a caring and calculated pace and has excellent instincts. There is no doubt that I am exponentially better because of my investment in him, and his in me.

Michael has seamlessly guided me into areas that frankly, I didn’t realize that I’d been avoiding.  I’m so thankful to have “stumbled upon” Michael and to have him as my coach, but mostly I’m proud and grateful to now have Michael Seaver as a friend.”

~ Matt Miller, Miller Commerce, Owner

I loved the DISC assessment so much, I have adopted the approach for my accounting clients and have found ways to integrate the knowledge into my advisory practice.  You walked us through it in a practical way, and used thought-provoking questions and conversation to really help us absorb and utilize the information.

Your method of presentation, including very real, down-to-earth discussions, engaged me into deeper participation.  You showed real meaning behind the tool and how it best applied to my life (personal and professional).  I was able to solve some mysteries of why things had turned out the way they did, in the past.  I also learned skills to prevent future nightmare conversations, both at work and at home.

I now have the ability to identify other’s communication style and have been able to make conversations more productive.  You also gave me the permission to be who I am and to pursue what makes me passionate.  I had no idea I needed permission; I didn’t even understand that I wasn’t on the right path.  No boring CPA here; just a person who wants to help others find a path to feeling better through improved health (mentally and physically).  All I do is because of this mission!  I love being aware!”

~ Melissa Higdon, Founder, Fit Focus, LLC

Michael, my interacting with you has given me a much more positive outlook on my life as a whole.  The simplest function of revamping my resume helped me see that I have measurable value for present and future employers.  The more complex involvement of helping me envision a more positive future has proven invaluable.

I appreciate the encouragement in every communication from you to achieve great things, reach for the stars, be my best self; those little nuances over time make the ideas more believable, easier to accept as truly possible.  In the nearly two years since we first crossed paths, I have gained confidence in my interpersonal skills and reduced reactivity to workplace factors.

I can readily vouch for your positive influence and seemingly innate ability to coach others into a mentality of peace and calm in their lives.”

~ Beth W., Controller

Michael has an uncanny ability to see you two steps farther on your life path than you currently see yourself.   When you finally reach the version of you that he had seen all along, he is another two out in front of you again.  Over the years I’ve learned to stop trying to catch up but instead to enjoy the “aha” moments when I arrive at a place (or understanding) he had weeks or months before shared with me.

Michael is the epitome of someone who creates and holds safe space for a person to be vulnerable, learn, and grow in.  He never judges, deeply listens, and is fully committed to those he serves.  Michael truly cares about everyone that crosses his path and desires all to live authentically, pursue their mission, face fears head on, to never settle in any area of their life – ultimately to stop living small.

He is beyond supportive but at the same time strongly encourages you not to get stuck in yuckiness.  Instead, Michael helps to find ways to redirect your energy towards those things that are in alignment with your life mission and where you can make the most difference.  He is constantly pushing you to be the most awesome version of yourself that you can possibly be because this is how he already sees you.  He just helps to connect dots, recognize patterns, points out synchronicities, and at times merely serves as a mirror so you can see this yourself.

From our first session together I felt that Michael truly understood me.  Over the years we have worked together I have transitioned between roles twice, started a side business so I can pursue a passion, have ended relationships that no longer serve me, challenged and changed some of my long-held beliefs about myself, grown in confidence, and so much more.  Some of the work we have done together has been painful at times but Michael is always patiently waiting for you to be ready to take the next step.  It is honestly hard to fully describe the influence he has had in my life, but what I can say is that my life has forever been changed by the love, support, and guidance I have received and continue to receive from working with him.”

~ Lindsay Smith

“I met Michael a few months back, but in a context different than his coaching role.  I had heard rave reviews about the material he had presented to Financial Executives International so I reached out to him to speak to my two finance round table groups.  He delivered a fantastic presentation to both round tables on the topic of “Trust as the Cornerstone for Personal and Professional Success”.  The take-a-ways from those presentations were many.  Next, he will deliver a second “people topic” to the entire Arizona Growth Advisors “family”. From our first meeting, it was immediately clear that Michael is a special talent.  One on one, he conveys a sincere interest in knowing all he can about you and your challenges.  He is truly a rare breed of great listeners.  Because of his sincerity, candor and confidence, he immediately develops trust and a special bond with the person across the table.    I would have no hesitation to recommend Michael both as a motivational speaker and as a personal coach.  And I am proud to call him a good friend.”

~ John R. Scherer, Growth Advisor and CFO Consultant

I met Michael a few years ago when my company was having communication and expectation concerns.  His positive, intuitive insights were well received by the team.   We started explore the teams communication styles and how to respond according depending the person.  It helped me realize the best to interact with my team as well as with each other. We have since brought Michael on to help coach and mentor the team.  The progress and openness has helped us to create a better working environment for all.  We have come a long way in a short amount of time. I highly recommend Michael to anyone who wants to get their team communicating and moving forward in the same direction quickly and efficiently.”

~ Ken Varga, CEO, Real Time Consulting

“Late one night, while up with my 1-month-old son, I was passing the time on LinkedIn.  I was casually looking for individuals who do the work that I, one day, aspire to do.  I came across Michael Seaver and clicked “connect.”  Shortly after, I received a response from Michael asking me to share a little background with him regarding why I wanted to connect.  This thoughtful gesture on Michael’s part was the first of many doors he helped open for me.  Michael graciously offered to talk by phone.  We spoke for nearly 2 hours and he not only listened intently but also provided great recommendations of people to connect with and ideas to explore.    I was searching for something and not entirely sure what “that” something was.  Despite being a bit lost, Michael was an encouraging and supportive voice, providing thoughtful and thought-provoking responses.  After several meetings, by phone and in person, I feel excited, empowered, and eager to take the next steps towards realizing my career ambitions.  I will be taking the assessment to become a certified Professional Behavioral Analyst through TTI Solutions in a few weeks.   Michael’s support and guidance has been the catalyst to overcoming my fears and taking steps towards realizing my potential.  Thank you Michael!”

~ Catherine Riley

Michael’s true gift to share with the world is the ability to make the person he is speaking with feel as if the universe has stopped and all that matters is that person and is truly genuine about it. He has a unique way of making people feel comfortable, heard, supported, and important- in a matter of minutes. I have seen this in the coaching he has done with me and even complete strangers. This immediately sends a sense of calm and trust which allows for people to open up and be vulnerable about what is going on in their lives.  “Vulnerability is sexy”, a phrase you will hear him say over and over, is something that he truly believes in and not only asks his clients to embrace but that he practices and shares.  This way of thinking and modeling builds that deeper and more meaningful connection that is necessary for clients to move forward in “unlocking their potential”. Michael doesn’t stop with making you feel as if you are the most important person, he goes the next step to guide you in developing a step-by-step plan on how you make your “unlocked potential” come true and how to narrow your focus to do so. This is not a forced plan but rather one that you feel invested in and want to achieve. Now with that said he will follow up with you and make sure you are doing what you said you would- he is my accountability police!

Since working with Michael I have found my true passion in life and how to focus  on it, which for a high “I” and extrovert focusing is a challenge in and of itself. As a result of his guidance and coaching I have received a promotion and pay increase, started my own start up, and my family life is even better! Michael has an amazing talent that truly impacts his clients and as a result the world. I would recommend his services to anyone looking to make small to life changing decisions. 100% agree =) ”

~ H.P., Director, CEO, & Founder

Michael is one of the most passionate, insightful and intelligent individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only is he truly committed to the success of his clients, he in an inspiring leader who motivates everyone around him to be the best version of him or herself. Michael has an uncanny ability to set people on a personal and meaningful course of improving their lives and reaching of their fullest potential in a manner that is both authentic and effective.

Through using the DISC assessment and a series of personal conversations and coaching sessions, Michael was able to help me identify where my true passion lied and an appropriate course of action to align my work to it. He has maintained complete confidence in me, even when I lack it myself. His ongoing support and encouragement has been a tremendous asset in my own personal growth.

As a result of working with Michael, I have a better idea of the types of career pursuits that are best suited for me, and how I can achieve success in these areas. I have greater confidence in myself and a more realistic timeline and path to achieve various personal and professional goals. Most importantly I feel that I have a coach and advocate who will be a part of my journey and who will help ensure I am successful.”

~ Jessica Taylor, Director of Internal Communications, PetSmart, Inc.

Michael was just the person I needed at a juncture in my life when undergoing a period of formidable change and transformation.  Michael was instrumental is guiding me through exercises and conversations that helped reveal critical aspects of my authentic self that were integral to me in my decision-making for my future. I turned to Michael when I knew his expertise gave him merit, and perhaps more importantly, I when I knew I could trust him emphatically with my deeply personal professional and personal deliberations.  Michael has the rare gift of allowing a client to feel safe and valued; an essential for coaching success.  Also, he’s keen to apply objective, individualized assessment data to give depth to our discussions and to offer perspective that greatly energize the notion that what’s possible is far greater than one realizes. When reaching for the stars, I cannot imagine a better professional to partner with.  Michael is thorough, considerate, personable, and witty.  His joy is evident and the resulting impact of working with him, life-changing.”

~ Myriam Korstanje, RN MBA

Working with Michael was paramount in identifying what should be my career direction. Using a structured approach, I could identify my best skills and what are the most important things for me, in my career and life.  Moreover, I am able to adjust course anytime with the conviction that I am following the best solution. I gained a friend and a trusted advisor in Michael.”

~ Ion Vintilescu, Engineering Manager, Boeing-Arizona

“I first met Michael through the recommendation of one of my Board Members. He thought Michael would be a great addition to our Board and thought we should meet. During our conversation, I not only thought he would be a great board member, but I found myself opening up to him about other things that had nothing to do with our board. By the end of our almost 3-hour lunch, I felt like I had known Michael for years instead of hours. He just has a way of pulling you in and he is a great listener.

Now that Michael is on the BBBSAZ Board, he has jumped in feet first to learn everything he can about our organization and the board. He attended every event we had the first few months and took on his committee responsibilities with gusto. He has also been able to help our leadership team in areas where they need support, and continues to coach them to be better versions of themselves.

He also continues to be a great coach to me. While we don’t have a professional agreement, as a board member, he is one of my go to people when I need advice. He has helped me be a better leader and is always there to give me advice and support. I feel more confident in my decisions and I trust my instincts more than ever, since working with Michael. I feel so fortunate to know Michael and I know our agency will also be better because of his involvement.  I would recommend Michael to anyone seeking leadership advancement as he is a true coach, both in life and in business, and I believe the two are very interconnected.”

~ Laura Capello, President and CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona

Michael Seaver is one of the most authentic, passionate and brilliant individuals I’ve met in my 28+ year career.  I met Michael when he started his career as a talent acquisition representative as a client of BestCompaniesAZ.  He just graduated from  Thunderbird International School of Business and hit the ground running in his new role working closely with me and my team in promoting his company’s employer brand.  I remember back then being impressed with how smart, professional and innovative he was in always thinking outside the box, and he operated with such commitment and enthusiasm.  He was a pleasure to work with as a client!

Today, 5 years later, he is now my business coach and continues to have that same passion, charisma and enthusiasm to motivate me to be the best business leader and person I can be.  He has a gentle yet assertive way of pushing me and challenging me to raise the bar on innovative ways to serve my clients and the community.  He sees the potential in individuals and their ideas and is fantastic at keeping you focused on advancing and executing your vision and goals (personally and professionally).   He is the first coach that was so versatile in not only helping me on communication coaching, leadership coaching and business growth counsel, but he is good at coaching the whole person (personal and professional goals) and holding me accountable to get things done.

I find if I don’t see Michael every week, I’m running out of steam and need another burst of energy and motivation from Michael. He motivates me and inspires me to be the best I can be for myself, my family, my staff, my clients and the community.  I also love that after every meeting I receive a follow-up action item list reminding me of the areas that I need to focus on and he holds me accountable to get things done.  He by far is one of the most authentic, genuine, brilliant and versatile executive coach I have met in my lifetime, and I would highly recommend him to any executive leader, manager, staff employee who is interested in career coaching or life coaching.

~ Denise Gredler, CEO and Founder

“I have been struggling for almost a decade trying to figure out what my mission in life should be. I struggled with doing what I thought family and friends expected of me, and with cultural norms given my career path. During our conversations, Michael helped me truly realize that I need to make myself happy and to cast aside goals that were not mine. It’s taken several years but I now accept that I was going down the wrong path. I am back to doing what I originally fell in love with in my youth. Even thought I have a lot of catching-up to do in my field, I am excited and passionate about my work again… and it feels great!

Michael’s written material is comprehensive, logical, and easy to read. However, his strengths are actually in the 1:1 working sessions we have had together. Michael is a great listener and conversationalist. He listens and comprehends before imparting his knowledge on human behavior and transforming ones self. He is a teacher and confidant.

While I knew Michael could help me with my career I wasn’t expecting him to help with my personal relationships as well. Michael was able to educate me on the different needs languages people have. I now know why people say the things do and what need is manifesting itself.”

~ Kevin La Ra, Autonomous Vehicle Engineer

“It is my distinct pleasure to write this testimonial for my experience of knowing and working with Michael S. Seaver. He is a very special and different coaching professional who gets truly involved with his clients and supports them fully and completely.

I have had the pleasure of being his direct client for the last few years, as well as appreciating the value he has brought to all RTCo staff members who have received executive coaching from him. As a financial decision maker, I found a great deal of value in having him work with our team and have made sure the funding for his services was reserved. Investing in Michael is an investment in yourself and in your staff, which in turn is a highly rewarding investment in the organization’s future. He has supported our organization in a meaningful and profound way. Our team is better aligned, communicates more efficiently and clearly, and we enjoy healthier interrelationships. He is a reliable, insightful, creative, generous and interested professional who uses unique guidance techniques and methodologies to guide his clients toward identifying and working towards their own best path in career and life. That has for me and my organization resulted in self growth and fulfillment, which we all desire but are challenged in achieving. His nurturing nature continuously supported our self defined goals/ dreams/ destiny and his timely challenges assured we didn’t stand in our own way and veer off course (for too long). Helping us see new perspectives, by improving communications and by exposing us to different philosophies (reading, videos, classes, goal setting and managing) has been instrumental and so necessary in getting us focused and identifying our own and our team’s life values. He is a continual learner, and taught us to embrace this philosophy so that we can manage life’s changing winds.

A decision to engage with Michael is a serious commitment to yourself (and your organization) to plan and execute towards a more meaningful, fulfilling, impactful and dynamic life. Michael has the ability to influence, lift and bring clarity to our sometimes difficult internal and business challenges. He is able to be help us change by using and teaching kindness. In my experience this is one of the most important characteristics in any life/executive coach.

Michael is making a deep impact in all whom he touches. He is blessed with a natural talent to help others do great things and live a truly meaningful life. He brings a wave of “awesomeness” to all people and situations. Thank you for your insight, care and courtesy.”

~ Michelle Hoffman, Chief Financial & Operating Officer, Real Time Companies

“Our company engaged Michael Seaver to help us create synergy with our newly created team. We found so much value in the team meetings, that we also engaged Michael with individual development sessions. During those meetings, I was able to learn and understand the communication needs of others differently. Michael’s trainings were eye opening in helping me understand that everyone has their own communication needs and has helped me communicate better with both my team members and individuals in my personal life.

As a team, this understanding helped bring trust and understanding to all levels of our organization, from individual contributors to executive management, so that individually, we are comfortable to disagree with each other, stand up for our individual needs and ideas, and come to decisions where everyone feels they had a win. As an individual, Michael has helped me define and set goals for my personal mission and branding in a new leadership role.”

Jennifer Page, Director of Business Operations

“Michael has a great talent for assessing a situation and offering tangible solutions to address the issues involved. Using proven tools, Michael was quickly able to help me recognize my strengths and areas of improvement in my management style and overall professional life. These tools include the TriMetrix assessment and the Languages of Appreciation model .These tools helped me to understand more fully how my communication style could be adjusted to increase my effectiveness when communicating with a variety of different personality types. Michael also employed a wonderful questioning style to uncover negative elements from my past relationships that were lingering and preventing me from realizing my full leadership potential.

Because of my interaction with Michael, I am more comfortable and confident in my personal and professional relationships.”

~ Principal, Pharmaceutical Consulting Firm

“Working with Michael Seaver has been a sincere pleasure and a rewarding experience. His thoughtful questioning process provided me the opportunity to engage in a meaningful dialogue about my goals and vision for the future. Michael is an excellent listener without becoming intrusive. The TriMetrix® assessment tool used was an excellent start to what became a meaningful, ongoing dialogue that we had during our time together.

Michael has a great style that makes it easy to share your thoughts without feeling judged. He encouraged me to explore new areas of my professional career and provided examples of ways I could embark on that journey. His timely responses to follow up provided a great mechanism to remain engaged and when I needed an answer, he was there. I now have a better understanding of who I am and the impact that I can personally make.

During my work with Michael, I embarked on considerable self-reflection and business analysis. The rebranding of my firm is underway and I am expanding my practice to capitalize on those ideas that emerged during our work. Michael is a great friend, superb thinker, a true confidant, and someone I would highly recommend to anyone interesting in making meaningful change in theirs or their company’s future!

Bruce Weber, President/CEO, Weber Group

“Michael Seaver and I first met in August 2016 at Valley Leadership Institute’s Orientation. Over the last year, we have met on several occasions to discuss my personal and professional career paths. Michael has developed a process that allowed me to feel safe being vulnerable and open to the process of self-discovery for the purpose of discovering my life mission. Michael challenged me to explore my leadership style and thinking style with the TriMetrix Assessment. He then lead me through the process of exploring my life’s purpose.

Since our first meeting, Michael has helped me to say no to the things that are not aligned with my purpose and this has freed me to become my most authentic version of myself. I am working on what truly motivates me now. Before working with Michael I accomplished many things, now I am accomplishing the BIG things most important for me to be truly happy.

Sara C. Mayer, Director of Operations, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

My words cannot do justice to the impact Michael has had on my life and I will always be grateful for having him in my life. Michael and I met during one of the most difficult periods in my life, both personally and professionally. I was in the middle of a career transition and had a loss in the family. I felt disconnected with everything, and wanted to gain control over my emotions and life. The first time I met Michael, he weaved in stories of what leaders go through at different points in life without divulging any details – this was the “Aha” moment for me and reassuring to hear that I was not alone, and that personal and professional are connected. That enabled me to open up and confront my fears in subsequent conversations.

Michael provided practical tools, tips, books and other references which have become my life guide to me. Particularly TriMetrix® assessment and Q&A were very powerful to understand the motivators, and to see the patterns in my life. It was like – I always knew deep within, but Michael subtly led me to articulate my intention statement in a way that felt authentic to me. Michael has enabled me to be more connected with myself and have more empowering communication with my family, friends and those around me on things that matter with respect and dignity. I am even more conscious of what I choose to focus on, people I surround myself with, and relationships I need to release. I am more deliberate in projecting my brand and confidence in all my interactions to lift others, be thankful, appreciate myself more and connect people (without expecting external validation).

Michael has become a dear friend and a trusted adviser in the process. Even after our formal coaching relationship ended, I feel like Michael is always there for me and I am going to keep finding reasons to meet Michael every few weeks! Don’t expect overnight success…It’s a two way process. If you are willing to follow-through and desire real positive impact on your life long term, I highly recommend Michael for any of life’s (or career) transitions. Michael is a wonderful person and very perceptive. His calm and composed demeanor, always being present to listen and ability to make others feel heard (without judging) make him exceptionally effective. Thank you Michael!”

~ Kalpa Gupta, Ex Director Financial Services

Complimentary Coaching Session