ACHEI was very fortunate to moderate a panel of metro Phoenix healthcare executives on January 23rd, 2013. The event was organized by the Arizona Healthcare Executives (AHE), was held at Grand Canyon University and the topic was Career Positioning: Proactively Managing Your Professional Development. The panel included Tim Bricker, President and CEO of Mercy Gilbert and Chandler Regional Medical Centers; Caroline Costello, MHA, FACHE, Director of Business Development for Cardinal Pointe Communications; and Tony Moncayo, MBA, BSRT, Vice President Ancilary Services at Casa Grande Regional Medical Center.

As I look back upon the engaging discussion, here are my top five takeaways and how you can apply them to develop your career:

1. A recent Forbes article stated, “Sixty-nine percent of employed respondents are considered job seekers – meaning they’re actively seeking a new job or are open to the idea.”

How you can apply – Because an increasing number of people will be leaving their jobs, you must have robust networks in the companies you’d like to work for. Get as many people inside the organization talking about you as possible and the chances you’ll be referred into your dream job will be considerably higher.

2. Mr. Bricker said, “Be better at self promotion. You are your own brand and need to market yourself. Be sincere, speak the truth, let people know what you’ve done and what you are capable of.”

How you can apply – Update your resume and copy it word-for-word to LinkedIn. Connect with as many people as possible on LinkedIn and find unique ways to tell your story through posting engaging quotes, sharing interesting articles and commenting on others’ posts in groups.

3. Mrs. Costello said, “Keep track of the metrics that matter (for your resume). Use these to demonstrate your accomplishments.”

How you can apply – Make time at the end of every quarter to reflect back on your key accomplishments. After listing all awards won, projects completed and promotions received, write OAR statements that clearly detail the quantifiable results you drove.

4. Mr. Moncayo talked about how a football injury brought him to the hospital where an employee convinced him that the benefits of working in healthcare were great. Tony talked about the value of serendipity and allowing his heart to lead the way.

How you can apply – Consider reading the book Synchronicity by Joseph Jaworski. As you encounter moments in time where you feel a strong call to action, trust your instincts and explore the idea further.

5. A recent article on found that 93% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates.

How you can apply – Ensure that your LinkedIn profile, your most valuable piece of online real estate, is 100% complete. Then, update your profile monthly, have a unique headline and give recommendations to deserving people.

The healthcare industry is experiencing significant change and individuals that are are naturally adaptable, enjoy ambiguity and thrive on building new structures will find professional opportunities. As you continue to grow and develop your skills, remember that your competitive advantage will be directly correlated to how much more you give in value than take in payment, how you place other people’s interests before yours and how authentically and well you serve others.