In part one of this two-part blog you learned how a common tool, the P.E.S.T. analysis, can help determine the Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors that will influence your career search. Below are the second five (5) factors that will have an impact on your career.

6. Career Ladder is now a Jungle Gym – With a new, more disruptive, normal taking hold of our society, organizations are shrinking to be more competitive. Unemployed persons are becoming entrepreneurs and challenging the status quo. Professionals aren’t just looking for a promotion; they’re looking for backward or lateral moves that will help them develop complementary skills or find more meaning in their non-professional endeavors.

7. Only 25% of Available Jobs are Online – Employee referral programs have long been an inexpensive source of networked and high-quality candidates. Organizations are posting fewer open positions on job boards and have shifted focus to employment brand building via social media channels. Job seekers need to spend more time networking with an organization’s stakeholders, online and on ground, and be referred into their dream job.

8. Forced Transparency by Social Media – If recruiters want to learn more about candidates, they can easily search Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and many others. If the candidate’s social media channels have questionable or disparaging content, the candidate may be removed from consideration. It is in your best interests to ensure that all of your social media content is appropriate, is true to your personal brand and displays how you “out-behave” others.

9. 25% of Employees are Actively Engaged – The Gallup organization and HR Solutions have both released studies confirming that roughly 75% of corporate employees are not engaged and are actively disengaged. Corporations will need to rethink hiring, leadership practices and employee recognition programs if they want to employ the best and remain competitive.

10. 关系 – Importance of Relationships – A central idea in Chinese society, guan xi is loosely translated into the connecting of and building relationships. Its focus on the reciprocation of favors has made its way to America and you’ll be able to achieve your goals faster if you understand how helping others will ultimately come back and benefit you. When you meet someone, immediately generate value for him or her.

These ten (10) factors are combining to forever change the way we work. More people are choosing jobs that are project or time-based. Temporary placement service provider Adecco predicts that the rate of growth in contingent workers will be three to four times the growth rate among traditional workforces, and that they eventually will make up about 25% of the global workforce.

As you plan transitions in your career, think about non-full-time jobs as increasingly viable options that will provide you with more control, the ability to be engaged in multiple facets of your life and to experience the things in life you deserve to.