Incorporate You™

Blueprint for the DISC Assessment

Incorporate You™

A blueprint for utilizing the DISC assessment to unlock your potential, develop your career, and advance your personal brand.

Are you in search of your personal mission, a higher purpose? Maybe your pinnacle is within reach but you have more to contribute to society. Inside the Incorporate You™ manual is a step-by-step process for taking the DISC assessment, incorporating the knowledge learned throughout the career transition process, and sharing career development best practices.

After you’ve received your DISC report, you can then use your results to walk through the different sections of the DISC, provide additional insights via self-assessment and the identification of work priorities, and then use that to create guiding statements (e.g. personal intention and ambition statements). From there, you’ll be shown how to write meaningful accomplishment development statements and filter those throughout your resume, cover letter, 30-second commercial, and LinkedIn profile. Tactical advice is then given on how to incorporate the DISC into and live your personal brand in person and online filtering it throughout the networking process, general communication tips, and when interviewing. Because the job search never ends, you’ll also learn about best practices to foster continual growth and learning via the 10 / 20 / 70 principle, formal education, certifications, and the adoption of a personal advisory board.

The manual is a how-to guide for the major components of career transition full of incredible resources, templates, and ideas that readers can use to unlock their own potential. If you want to discover and apply your strengths, find your true voice and create a plan to achieve your personal and professional goals, the Incorporate You™ manual is the experience you’ve been searching for.

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