As April transitioned into May, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus were in alignment. In addition to this rare celestial event, we experienced a new moon, a solar eclipse, and the beginning of a new month. Powerful energies were helping to align disparate aspects of our lives to make it easier to recognize overlooked truths. The alignment signaled a turnaround of events opening new life paths we may not have considered before.

This may manifest as a professional acquaintance becoming more of a friend or feeling drawn to someone’s social media posts. It could also be receiving a recommendation for a newsletter, book, or podcast you wouldn’t have engaged before, but now seems interesting. Or, you start volunteering with a nonprofit whose values align with yours.

Willingly allow these minor transformations to unfold. Do what you can to not repeat the emotional responses and habitual behaviors you’ve used in years past. Our world is evolving whether or not we want it to. Instead of lamenting the loss of what used to comfort you, remember that most of what brings you joy will remain unchanged through society’s tumult.

No one around you has to know, but consider experimenting with life’s new rhythms. Practice a new hobby. Say no to things you used to say yes to. Take a 30-minute nap midday. Focus on limiting time with stress-inducing people and experiences. As you prioritize your well being, your self worth increases. You become more courageous seeing the anxiety of change has the same effect on your body (from your brain releasing cortisol) as the excitement of discovering new interests.

Through therapy, journaling, and conversations with friends, my friend Violet (not her real name) has clearly identified patterns that connect to mental models her mom instilled in her and her sister when they were young. Violet is shedding the behaviors that aren’t helping her find alignment today and keeping the ones that are. Her sister continues to repeat their mom’s behaviors judging Violet for making new choices and driving a wedge in the family’s relationships. It is destructive and Violet has chosen to limit time with her.

Violet has shed the fear of initiating change and is experimenting. She’s realigning with her gifts by excelling in a new job, reading classical books with her boyfriend, visiting museums and talking with friends about the art’s meaning, and coaching her daughters’ youth sports activities (which she’s not done before). I’ve known Violet for more than a decade and what she has accomplished in the last 18 months is astonishing.

New, aligned paths are available to you, too. Now is the time to initiate new conversations and compassionately communicate what’s been weighing you down. You’ll feel more courage, and find softer words, to say what you’ve been meaning to say.

Challenges aren’t overcome using the same consciousness that created them. Trust your intuition to slowly uncover new meaning in our transforming world. Take a leap of faith. No matter how small, it’s time to create, build, and nurture something lasting. Just like the planets, new levels of alignment await you.