Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, is a wonderful text about how positive human thought can manifest itself into physical things. The book is worthwhile because it helps to remind us that there are certain things in life that will continue to go unexplained because they’re not tangible. Although not tangible, they are somehow real and play a significant part of our daily lives.

Hill tells stories about individuals who set and achieved significant goals. One of the common themes that ran throughout the success stories was the fact that every successful individual had a very strong and loving relationship to help carry him through good times and bad. The relationship also created an environment of unusual desire to achieve greatness. Because of the positive and supportive relationship offered by the loved one, the successful individual was given an intangible boost towards his or her goal.

As you continue your march towards becoming indispensable, consider the following tips for how to show appreciation for your loved one:

1. Listen – A trusted confidant listens to all stories, good and bad, and accepts you for the mistakes you make. Return the favor and lend an ear often and for as long as she needs it.

2. Celebrate the Wins – Because of hectic schedules, we often forget to celebrate our accomplishments. Set aside a specific period of time each week to leave work behind and simply focus on personal moments; a night out, dinner with the family, or a trip to the mall to reward your loved one for everything (time, talent and treasure) given.

3. Give Wholeheartedly – Practice the Platinum Rule and give to your loved one in the way they want to receive, not how you want to receive praise. Being able to distinguish the two is important. Remember, the small things are the big things, so pay special attention to the details.

4. Allow Room to Fall Down – Humans are an imperfect species, don’t expect perfection. Think progress, not perfection. If your loved one makes a mistake and doesn’t support you in the way you prefer, immediately think of all of the other wonderful things she has done for you and overlook the single “fall down” event.

5. Words of Affirmation – In honor of one of the five love languages, provide encouragement through a variety of means and be sure to say why the supportive action was important and impactful.

In the business world, your success can be directly dependent on surrounding yourself with people who are smarter than you in their respective fields. It is important to not forget to connect with a personal confident whom you trust and who inspires you to even higher heights. According to Hill, the support of a loved one was a significant factor in people like Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Edison finding success.

They’re not bad acts to follow.