The day of the “go-getter” has passed.

He has been supplanted by the “go-giver”.

A “go-getter” may be described as the individual who is solely focused on the attainment of wealth through bottom line profit generation.

A “go-giver” is the individual who out-behaves those around him in his drive to secure triple bottom line wealth; caring for the planet, its’ people and financial well being.

Here are four signs that a sea change is occurring in our society and what you can do to be ahead of the curve:

The days when consumers were inundated with and believed advertisements are gone. The new normal of sales requires people/organizations to be top of mind when the person/business is ready to buy. High-pressure sales tactics are no longer relevant. Instead of spending money on robust advertising campaigns, find creative ways to add value to your stakeholders. Consistent communication, at least once per month, through a variety of channels (i.e. social media, white papers, blogs, print media, branded emails, hand written notes) will be invaluable and help you secure the next big deal.

We are all familiar with sole proprietorships, LLCs, S-corps and C-corps, but have you heard of the B-corp? Learn more about this movement here.

In the industrial age, a person’s positional authority, allowed him or her to set goals and accomplish them through a team. In the knowledge economy, organizations are flattening and out-sourcing more and more projects. Therefore, the way to accomplish goals is to build relationships with decision makers…just as people in small towns have done for centuries. Add value to those you desire to contract with by sending information or making connections for them so that they can grow their business.

For previous generations, driven individuals wanted to climb the corporate ladder. In the new economy, the ladder doesn’t exist. It has been replaced by a jungle gym. To develop your career, you need to increase your stature in the community by increasing the number of boards that you serve on, spend more time giving philanthropically, take on more challenging assignments and surround yourself with a variety of mentors. Go-giving is about consistently asking What’s in it for them? and then delivering selflessly.

As you consider how you are going to out-behave others, use the above signs and ideas to create triple bottom line wealth. As you add value to those around you and as you authentically influence others, you will become a “go-giver”.

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.
– Lao Tzu