As you navigate life, there are days or weeks where you begin to question the validity of your career decisions. Since starting my career advisement practice almost two years ago, I have gone through a series of personal and professional challenges that tested my mettle and made me a significantly better coach. Here is a quick story of overcoming one of those challenges, and of synchronicity.

Fall is the main recruiting season for MBA students as companies from around the globe visit campuses to try and hire some of the world’s brightest minds. Couple that with the unique stressors of where I work: our coach’s workloads are increasing dramatically, we’re making changes to our department’s structure, we’re streamlining processes to better serve students, and we’ve moved our offices into a brand new building.

Over the past couple of weeks, that stress has gotten to some of my colleagues and they’ve begun exhibiting behavior outside their character. In numerous cases, I have been thrown under the bus, people have treated me poorly to my face, and I’ve been the subject of hurtful passive-aggressive behavior. As the people involved and instances increased, I honestly began to lose faith in those who said they supported me and began second-guessing my choice to become a career coach.

A few days ago, I woke up upset and couldn’t shake the emotion. I arrived at work and coached one student on his resume and a second on personal branding. After escorting the second student to the elevator, I sat down in a quiet room for two minutes and reflected on how thankful I was for the ability to positively change people’s lives, but also on why I was being treated the way that I was. The stress finally broke me and as a tear rolled down my face, I asked the universe for a sign that the hardships in the short-term were learning experiences preparing me for something bigger in the long-term. Thankfully, here’s where the story turns for the better.

I wiped the tears away and walked back to my desk. In my email was a message from a woman that I hadn’t spoken with since Thanksgiving of 2012. In her email, she said, “Your name came up last night in conversation with my husband and I just wanted to say hello and hope you’ve been really well! We always appreciated your genuine nature. I know this is random and weird, but I just felt an inexplicable nudge to tell you that you’re doing the right thing by pursuing your calling and following your path and your bliss, even though it may seem crazy at times. I know that you are a coach who helps others pursue their goals and dreams, but like I said, I just felt the need to echo that back to YOU. Again, random but seriously couldn’t help myself, and I hope you take it as a nice nod from the universe.”

My jaw hit the floor and I began to sob heavily in shear disbelief. Within one minute of asking the ether for a sign, it was staring me in the face. I must have reread the email five times and the tears slowly turned into smiles and overwhelming feelings of thankfulness, clarity, and positive energy.

Although the communication may simply be coincidence, I don’t believe it to be. I believe that quantum physics was conspiring to remind me that there’s a synchronicity of energies when your positive thoughts and physical actions are directed towards one defined life purpose. In response to her message/the sign, I will continue on my quest to unlock human potential and will do my absolute best to change millions of lives along the way. Using positive psychology daily and proactively creating the life of your dreams takes considerable effort. Taking the time to reflect on and to recognize patterns is profound because it eventually creates a singular focus. Developing a long-term orientation towards success and not giving up on your life’s intent in the face of scrutiny or hardship is incredibly empowering.

Create your personal mission. Be positive. Recognize patterns. Take action. Do not give up.