Episode 10 is short and powerful. Michael tells a quick personal story and discusses how society places distinct pressures on parents to drive their children to perform at high levels in school, sports, events and other areas of life to maintain a societal perception, appearance or image. Time and time again, he’s watched parents force their child’s material or societal success and attempt to make the child the idealized version of what the parent never was.

Michael teaches his clients the value of being the person they needed when they were younger. He’s seen how it becomes his clients’ lives’ most meaningful work. If you’re a parent, please consider how difficult it will be to your child if you continually apply pressure to him to make him something he isn’t or isn’t meant to be. This drives him to want to become the opposite of you. Michael provides a few client examples of how the child became the opposite of his/her parents.

Forget about what society says is right or wrong. Do what’s right for your children’s wellness. Teach your children to become the most authentic version of themselves.

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