In episode 11, Michael speaks to Professor Doug Olsen’s Executive MBA class at the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. In his talk, Michael puts a different spin on five elements of the traditional marketing mix. The first element, branding, he reviews how to use behavioral profiles, what motivates you and a simple Q&A process to identify patterns and to define your unique value proposition. In element two, services, Michael shares a few ideas about how to identify what the market is demanding and how to align your strengths and skills with what the market needs.

Next, pricing, is how you can determine your value in the marketplace. Whether you review LinkedIn,,,, talk with executive recruiters, take influential people out for coffee, etc., there are numerous ways to get practical information about your market value. With distribution, Michael discusses how to leverage full-time jobs, part-time jobs, entrepreneurship, alumni associations, professional associations, volunteerism and faith-based organizations to share your brand message consistently.

The last piece of the marketing mix, communication, helps us to understand what methods to use to share our brand with our community. Maybe it’s social media, a website, a podcast, traditional media channels or word of mouth referrals. Whatever it is, you want to ensure your ideal and target audience is there and paying attention to your message. Michael believes that we cannot be so focused on the outcome and destination that we forget about the process and journey. Our daily habits are truly what help us define and share our executive brands with the right people.

Resources Michael discusses:
Michael Gervais,, Podcast 110 – Bob Bowman, Head Coach ASU Swimming
DISC / 12 Driving Forces
Michael S. Seaver, Equal Chance To Be Unequal – Episode 3, How to Uncover Your Life’s Purpose
CEI (Competitive Enterprise Institute)
The Pendulum: How Past Generations Shape Our Present and Predict Our Futureby Roy H. Williams, Michael R. Drew, 2012
Michael Simmons ( The No.1 Predictor of Career Success According to Network Science, 2015,8-Step Model for Leading Change
Gary Vaynerchuk,

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