Lindsay’s journey to today has been anything but smooth. From being a quiet and shy child, to taking over the family business at age 21, to divorcing an abusive husband, to leaving corporate America to launch Be Still Yoga, Lindsay has overcome considerable odds to inspire the community she serves. Hear Lindsay talk about her personal mission, how she established her core values, why women’s empowerment is so important to her, and why she believes service is everything.

I deeply admire that her bucket list is ridiculously long. She tries something new every week. She set a world record paragliding. Lindsay has a way of helping people who are disconnected from their authentic selves, who are stressed, who struggle with their life’s narrative, and who desire a new tribe. Listen in to learn her step-by-step process for helping people see how their life’s story (their mess) is the foundation of how they’ll better their communities (their message).

Some of Lindsay’s favorite resources are Gary Vee’s podcast, Brene Brown’s books and TED Talks, Gabby Bernstein’s books and social media messages, and Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In.

Lindsay M. Smith is founder of Be Still Yoga, an organization that stands at the intersection of yoga and business offering strategic planning, corporate wellness, individual coaching, and yoga to business leaders to help them reconnect with their authentic selves. Prior to BSY, she most recently served as Vice President of Brand Evangelism for an employer branding firm where she supported Charles Schwab, USAA, GoDaddy, and more to deploy their regional employer brands. Lindsay received a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University, is a certified yoga instructor, and enjoys traveling, paragliding and checking things off her bucket list.

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