As an executive coach, Bill Koch is drawn to serving high-achieving executives… because he was and is one. Bill was named CEO at age 34. He has been a part of 29 M&A deals. He coaches executives from Apple, Shell, John Deere, American Airlines, McKesson, Abbot, BP, Time Inc, Christies, and more. He deeply understands what makes great leaders great. Through his many professional accomplishments, I love that he truly advocates for people to live intentionally to become great.

When he was CEO, he was blessed with having an executive coach. That relationship inspired him to overachieve, become fascinated with organizational development, find ways to deploy empathy, give millennials a seat at the table, learn how to paint metaphoric pictures of a better tomorrow, and remind his staff (and clients) that we are better together. Bill was a senior leader when society was shifting away from the leadership style of command and control to where we are today where collaboration, authenticity, and meaningful company culture rule.

Bill’s typical coaching engagement lasts six months, and during that time, he helps executives understand their personal behavioral preferences, motivators, how they can get more done through others, leadership competencies, and the habits that will best advance them. He’s certified to deliver The Leadership Circle Profile®, Hogan Leadership Assessments, and the KornFerry Lominger Voices 360 Assessment. He’s an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. He often suggests his clients read Jim Collins’ books, Susan Cain’s Quiet, Marshall Goldsmith’s works, Brene Brown’s books and TED Talks, and Daniel Goleman’s emotional intelligence works.

Bill is a coach who’s done the work – for more than 25 years, he held C-Level positions, including CEO for a Fortune 500 subsidiary. He serves on investment fund boards, two corporate boards, and community and professional organizations. Bill served as CEO for a subsidiary of AMR Corporation, an affiliate of American Airlines. He has been a leader in the business aviation industry, serving as Chairman of the National Air Transportation Association. He also has career experience in commercial real estate, technology, and has served as CEO and Chairman of large firms backed by private equity funds. For more, please connect with Bill at, or

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