Financial peace of mind allows us to more fully pursue our passions.” George more than practices what he preaches. He’s found a magnificent way to help others create alignment between their financial, professional, and personal goals, but to also simultaneously help organizations design educational strategies for increasing employee participation in retirement plans. In his 20s, George learned tough lessons about money. He didn’t receive much guidance from family about how to manage it, accomplish goals or live a happy life. But, he created a method, deployed it, and is now helping others not make the mistakes he did.

In high school and college, George was an excellent tennis player. In our conversation he discusses the lessons he learned about persistence, hard work, and emotional balance from those formative years. He shares how working in management at New York Life helped him understand human psychology. We talked about how humans are the sum of our interactions and that having frameworks, goals, and focused action keep us moving towards the legacy we desire to leave. Our society seems to be focused on overconsumption of material things, even though those things don’t lead to human happiness or well being. The deck may be stacked against us, but we can use minimalist strategies to regain perspective, feel gratitude for our blessings, and own the choices we make.

George’s Money Alignment Academy is 7-module online course, with access to financial professionals, to teach financial literacy in ways society doesn’t. He often says he’d rather be useful than brilliant. I think the Money Alignment academy is both useful and brilliant. George is a consultant, podcaster, writer, and speaker. He’s co-founder of the Figure it Out podcast, host of the Money Savage podcast, serves as a member of the Citizen’s Review Board for the Phoenix Police Department, is a member of the Village Planning Committee for Phoenix, and is President of the Phoenix Alumni Chapter of Sigma Chi

For more, please visit,, and you can follow him on Twitter – @glgrombacher, Instagram – /glgrombacher, Facebook – /moneyalignmentacademy, and LinkedIn – /georgegrombacher.

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