Peter has led and is leading an extraordinary life. Purposefully. With character. Professionally, he’s helped facilitate multiple M&A deals, triple the top line of one firm from $150M to $450M, grew another organization from $800M to $1.3B, and is now an advisor to c-suites and boards. Personally, he serves as a light for others and has done (and continues to do) so by traveling the world for 19 months serving those in need in 25 different countries. He’s a tremendous husband (he said he’s married to the best person he knows) and father, plus, he enjoys yoga and hiking. His family cares for a Red Fox Labrador and he makes multiple appearances in our conversation.

Peter was raised in suburban Detroit where his dad taught him that character leads, humility is everything, and a sense of humor will help you through much. His mom taught him it’s okay to be different, he shouldn’t stop learning, and how to be a great cook (I’ve enjoyed his cooking… she taught him well). After a car accident at age 20, he began practicing yoga and still does today. His grandmother reminded him he should always act in accordance with the idea that his actions would be reported on the front page of tomorrow’s newspaper. He’s deeply committed to social connectedness and does so through an annual “man trip” with friends first made in elementary school.

I loved it when he said, “There are no bad students, only bad teachers.” That hit me like a ton of bricks because it reminded me of the power leaders have over their teams. Peter loves Simon Sinek’s TED Talks, Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People, Jim Collins’ books, Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life, James Clear’s Atomic Habits, Seth Godin’s books, Mark Divine’s Unbeatable Mind, Stephen W. Smith’s teachings, and Terry Storch’s online teachings. He’s a huge fan of not seeking comfort or convenience, deeply knowing thyself, and ruthlessly eradicating hurry from his life. I love that.

Peter Meyers is a strategic advisor, leadership consultant, and executive leader with 20+ years of experience building, directing, and integrating world-class corporate and entrepreneurial entities. Peter is a trusted advisor to c-suite and board members focused on improving organizational performance and growth. He is Principal for RedFoxLab, a business advisory and consulting firm established in 2007. Peter is known to be a highly collaborative strategist proven in leading organizational transformations, enterprise-wide strategic planning, technology, operations, supply chain, mergers & acquisitions, and everything sales and marketing. To connect with Peter, visit or, or email him at

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