Randy was raised in the city of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. He told me a stories about learning work ethic, doing what you say you’ll do with the neighbor’s kids, how he won awards selling newspapers, and receiving mentorship that kept him on the path to success. After college, he quickly climbed the corporate ladder moving from technical sales to manager eventually to leading a $750M business unit. Being a part of Trus Joist’s leadership team and helping the organization grow from $60M to $1B gave him a big data set on which to consult, coach, and mentor others today through Leader’s Edge 360.

As a leader, Randy never tolerated mediocrity and he was willing to invest an extra 30-60 minutes each week into underperformers so they could become a contributing team member. His success with Trus Joist was built upon his ability to improve employee engagement and create cultural health. He liked the idea of having a family atmosphere at work. His best boss often felt like a second dad to him holding him accountable, delivering constructive feedback, and including him in important meetings. Through these experiences, he began using the metaphor “5-Star Environment” to refer to the leadership practices that helped his teams grow their own talent and deliver key results year after year.

Leader’s Edge 360 offers a variety of leadership development services that will positively impact your organization. Check out the video on their “About Us” page to learn about the assessments, coaching programs, team training, online learning, and consulting areas of focus. Randy’s team is focused on the building materials and construction industry (roughly 80% of their top line), but they do engage other clients around North America. During our dialogue, Randy mentioned that he’s enjoyed reading Patrick Lencioni’s books and content on www.values.com and www.simpletruths.com.

Randy Goruk delivers Real Experience—Real Results to help leaders become exceptional. He climbed the ladder to become a senior vice president of a multimillion-dollar organization at the age of 31. Over his 26-year career with Trus Joist Corporation (now a Weyerhaeuser business), he was part of a dynamic senior management team whose change initiatives raised annual revenues from $60 million to $1 billion. Real experience—real results. To learn more about Randy, check out http://www.LeadersEdge360.com; https://twitter.com/randygoruk; https://www.instagram.com/randygoruk/; https://www.facebook.com/LeadersEdge360/; https://www.linkedin.com/in/randygoruk; and his podcast entitled The Leadership & Learning Podcast.

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