In this episode of Equal Chance To Be Unequal, Michael speaks live in October 2017 to the Scottsdale, Arizona Project Management Institute chapter about developing your personal brand and why it is necessary. He shares how the American workforce is changing and how having a personal brand will make your role in it more effective. Michael discusses his process for helping executives find their own brand and how answers to a series of questions about your past, present and future can identify unique patterns in your life that make you the person you are. He also reviews the 8 factors he uses to help clients use when making difficult decisions. 

Michael shares his view that making mistakes is more accepted by society as a whole and how we can celebrate those mistakes as we learn from them. He relays information about how to generate value in our relationships, develop vulnerability in our communications, and accept our mistakes in order to grow in our personal and professional relationships. He also shares how developing your personal brand center upon being the person now that you needed when you were younger.

Resources Michael discusses:
CEI (Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation)
Brené Brown, Daring Greatly, Sept. 2012 and her TED Talk The power of vulnerability, June 2010
Astro Teller, and his TED Talk The unexpected benefit of celebrating failure, Feb. 2016
Robert Waldinger’s TED Talk What makes a good life?, Nov. 2015 – State of the American Workplace
Chris McChesney from Franklin Covey – Smart Goals – 4 Disciplines of Execution, Mar. 2012
The 5 Love Languages Quiz
Sally Hogshead’s book and quiz – How to Fascinate (The Colors Quiz)
Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk Your body language may shape who you are, June 2012

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