In Episode 9, Driving Employee Engagement Through Unprecedented Change, of Michael’s podcast, learn about five actions you can take to deeply engage your team. This is a live recording of a presentation Michael gave in January 2018 to the Sacramento chapter of Financial Executives International. The show begins with a review of societal changes that may occur in 2018 including a M&A boom, a stock market correction and how the American mall may become the new town square.

Michael also discusses changing social norms around workplace attire, the sharing economy and online privacy. He then looks at Gallup’s 2017 State of the American Workplace report and levels of engagement/happiness for various people across America. Only 33% of people working today are engaged and 51% are actively looking for a new job.

The five employee engagement methods reviewed include – (1) hire people who have overcome challenges, (2) establish a deep level of trust, (3) create an ownership mindset, (4) provide the necessary resources for success and (5) allow your employees to make mistakes. While discussing each method, Michael reviews your objective with that particular action, signs that you’re on the right path and a formal implementation process for each.

Resources Michael discusses –
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Holacracy, “Why Holacracy? video
Jim C. Collins, Good to Great, 2001
McKinsey & Company,,  “4 Building Blocks of Change
The 5 Love Languages Quiz
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Center for Creative Leadership
Astro Teller,; TEDTalk The unexpected benefit of celebrating failure, Feb. 2016
William Bridges (1933-2013), Managing Transitions, 2016 (4th edition)

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