Dr. Christina Compton, NMD feels as though her profession chose her. Born and raised in northwest Oklahoma, when she was four years old, she fell out of a combine. Somehow, the divine protected her and she was not hurt. She attended college focused on management and leadership and landed an international consulting role where she traveled the world mapping out organizational processes and facilitating change. She’s held c-suite leadership roles in Fortune 7 – 100 corporations. Time on airplanes and interacting with humans who didn’t speak English taught her incredible lessons she now uses daily. What I deeply appreciate about Christina is how focused she is on serving others with intention and doing all she can to meet her patients where they are.

A friend in New Zealand eventually encouraged her to “live each day as though it was her last” and she felt called to shift her career towards health and wellness. She is now a kundalini yoga instructor and believes humans should focus on preventative wellness, not simply repairing our bodies during and after disease. Dr. Compton realized how overwhelmed people are with health-related information and how badly they want to do the right thing. She founded and is CEO of Sowello Health through applying her leadership, process mapping, and communication skills to create bio-individualized health plans that are delivered to the patient virtually. She and her team focus on patients’ genetic and epigenetic needs – food intake, lifestyle choices, diverse therapies, nutraceuticals, ongoing tests, and a variety of other factors to help them move from illness to stillness, balance, and feeling authentically whole.

Dr. Compton is a licensed naturopathic medical doctor with three decades’ experience who offers a unique blend of accomplishments in international medicine and results oversight. She’s worked closely with the USA’s Health and Human Services Division and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid. She’s leading a team spearheading a Viscum Album (mistletoe) Quality of Life research and authoring a Viscum Album Extract book. Christina partners with international scientists and physicians bridging the gap between conventional and complementary medicine. For more, visit https://www.sowellohealth.com and review the Services and FAQs tabs for great ideas and resources.

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