Advancing Your Emotional Intelligence

6-Part Video Course

Advancing Your Emotional Intelligence


Join Michael S. Seaver as he walks you through understanding the effects of, recognizing the impact of, and how you may improve your emotional intelligence (EQ). EQ is comprised of five dimensions – (the first three focus on the self) self awareness, self regulation, motivation, and (the last two focus on others) and social awareness and social regulation. This 6-part video course is designed to help leaders better understand their current level of emotional intelligence and actions they may take to improve it.



Highly emotionally intelligent people have the ability to –

• reflect on and think deeply about their emotions and how each emotion affects them and the people close to them,

• pause and think critically about the potential consequences of their spoken words or actions,

• be grateful for constructive criticism realizing it’s an opportunity to learn about themselves and the person delivering feedback,

• live authentically sharing their personal mission and saying what they mean and meaning what they say,

• recognize and express empathy for others’ thoughts, emotions, and life events,

• release the desire to judge, uncover new ways to be curious, and see things from the other’s (and a broader) perspective,

• deliver appreciation, acknowledgment, and praise by focusing on the good in others,

• apologize with humility, strength, and courage because they value the relationship more than they’re ego,

• remain committed and accountable building trust and establishing their brand as a credible leader,

• stay motivated and focused under the most challenging of circumstances, and

• continually discover and display their most authentic self.

This course will provide you the tools to be aware that emotions drive your behavior and impact others positively and negatively. It’ll help you learn how to manage those emotions ( both yours and others’)  especially in stressful situations.

You’ll receive –

• 10+ page Emotional Intelligence report,

• processes, techniques, and resources to advance your emotional intelligence, and

• a comprehensive implementation plan and downloadable PDF to apply the workshop’s principles at home and work.

This course is for you if you’re striving to improve the quality of your relationships, enhance your communication with leaders, peers, and direct reports, and learn the foundations of authentic personal communication.


I participated in Michael’s Advancing Emotional Intelligence Workshop. The assessment, supporting materials and accommodations wereoutstanding. The information and resources Michael provided in the workshop were very helpful in taking the information and applying it toimprove my emotional intelligence. I highly recommend his workshop!

Fred Amador, Phoenix College Faculty and Amador Career Coach Owner