Discover Your Authenticity – Enhance Your Communication

6-Part Video Course

Discover Your Authenticity – Enhance Your Communication


Join Michael S. Seaver as he walks you through stage one of his proprietary For Purpose Leadership coaching process. This 6-part video course is purposely designed to help professionals better understand their communication style, what motivates them, and their emotional intelligence so they more effectively connect with, influence, and motivate those around them.



If you desire to –

• win over disengaged or underperforming employees,

• deepen trust to collaborate with and to delegate more,

• manage conflict or negotiate with more win-win resolution,

• garner more commitment from and hold others to higher levels of accountability,

• understand your communication preferences – how you make decisions, influence others, manage time, and follow rules/procedures,

• learn what your top four (of 12) motivators are and why they predict your choices,

• become more emotionally intelligent – improved self-awareness, self regulating under stress, motivated when

• your back’s against the wall, empathetic towards others, and better at building long-lasting relationships, and

This course will provide you the tools to communicate your message brand in ways those around you can more easily understand.

You’ll receive –

• 50+ page TriMetrix® EQ report,

• confidence from a deeper understanding of your authentic self, natural communication preferences, and what motivates your behavior,

• processes, techniques, and resources to more deeply connect with and influence others, and

• a comprehensive implementation plan and downloadable PDF to apply the workshop’s principles at home and work.

This course is for you if you’re striving to improve the quality of your relationships, enhance your communication with leaders, peers, and direct reports, and learn the why, what, and how foundations of authentic personal communication to grow professionally.


Our team is better aligned, communicates more efficiently and clearly, and we enjoy healthier interrelationships. He is a reliable, insightful, creative, generous and interested professional who uses unique guidance techniques and methodologies to guide his clients toward identifying and working towards their own best path in career and life.

Michelle Hoffman, CFO and COO, Real Time Consulting