Get Started 

Team training solutions

The Process

  • Once we’ve made the commitment to work together, we’ll define objective deliverables, I’ll customize components of my Purpose Driven Leadership Experience to your organization’s strategic plan, and we’ll sign an appropriate contract. 

  • Through a variety of methods, I can support your organization. I will respond quickly to your questions, customize my message to your needs to maximize learning, and ensure I’m exceeding your expectations. 

  • There aren’t many coaches whose goal is to use core human values and coaching methods to create a coaching mindset organization wide. I work to empower your workforce to proactively share cost saving ideas, support one another through unexpected circumstances, and focus their time on activities that advance your business. This allows your organization to be ahead of circumstance.

Your coaching options

Customized methods to help you help your team connect more

Training and certification programs

  • Based on your organization’s goals, I customize hourly, half day, daily, or multi-day trainings.
  • Focusing on strategic planning, communication, leadership, employee engagement, time management, and driving results through accountability. I mix lecture, individual reflection, small group activities, and virtual learning to cement key learning for quick application.


  • I’m a big believer in peer accountability and peer-to-peer learning. I’ve facilitated CEO roundtables, communities of practice, monthly dinner series’, book and podcast clubs, and more to deepen learning and bonds across functions.
  • All employees have unique skills, expertise, talents – I help create environments where learning from one another is maximized.


  • I’m guessing your organization has a great HR team, and access to a third-party EAP, but does it have a person who can mentor, coach, and counsel on both deeply personal and overtly professional topics?
  • I’ve developed a series of methods and processes that help people see the interconnectivity of their home and work selves and bring balance to both so their most authentic self is on display.



Let’s connect for 30 minutes about your challenges and ideas and how a coach can help. I’ll listen actively, identify themes, ask questions, offer suggestions, and seek your opinion. I’ll share processes, stories, and potential outcomes. You’ll choose whether I’m the right coach to help transform your goals into reality.