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Become a leader of one – yourself

Through a collection of stories and processes, you’ll be guided to discover and find authentic ways to live your life’s mission – your true purpose.

I believe you are a whole person and don’t need to follow others’ example. I want you to know that the answers to your life’s most pressing questions have been inside you the whole time.

The book is a three-part how-to manual.

Part 1

The first section will help to let go of and shed old beliefs, habits, and ways of being.

Part 2

Part two will walk you through the emotional neutral zone where you’ll uncover your core values and personal mission, and set goals to align your time.

Part 3

The third component will guide you through sharing your new brand with the world, engaging and leading more deeply engage, and creating an entire organization of employees coaching themselves and each other.

The time of seeking answers from outside sources is coming to an end.

The time of knowing the answers have always been inside you is slowly making itself known.

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Authenticity is the Way

My short 28-page book will help you learn 5 habits – reflect, pursue self-awareness, generate value, learn, and uphold boundaries – for creating your most authentic life.

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Incorporate You™

Inside the Incorporate You™ manual is a step-by-step process for taking the DISC assessment, incorporating the knowledge learned throughout the career transition process, and sharing career development best practices.

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Fearing Mediocrity

In this eBook, you will read stories about transferable skills and values required for the 21st century emerging professional. You will be given step-by-step processes to learn how eight practical skills will allow you to unlock your potential and truly develop personal and professional well being.

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