I Know

A Practical Guide for Awakening to What’s Within and Finding Work-Life Integration

Available in print, ebook and audiobook

From I Know‘s back cover:

Two years ago, I contemplated suicide. I felt excruciating pain and had to emotionally surrender. My cat, Cleopatra, sensed my despair and kept me grounded. I chose to dig deeper into my spiritual practices and the following months transformed my relationships and business. I’m rising from the ashes and beginning to stand authentically in my truths. I arrived at a place called I Know and knew I was never going back.

I Know empowers you to transition from believing life’s answers come from outside yourself to knowing you can discover the answers already inside yourself. If you feel unfulfilled or unappreciated, this book will uplift and realign you with your life’s purpose. If you want to live up to your potential and generate value for your community, I Know will gift you clarity and confidence during each step of your unique journey.

I Know is a how-to guide I use with clients, from the c-suite down every level of an organization, walking you through the three phases of transformation and nine processes you can complete alone or with trusted friends. The book tells my raw, authentic, and deeply personal story. It offers research-based psychological truths. The text is full of real-world client examples. Although much has been written about defining your life’s purpose, I Know introduces you to a completely new level of living your authentic personal brand… and absolutely loving life.

“Michael, reading you has been a gift. I have always known what a special person you are, but wow, you are one of those people that come only once in a generation. I am blessed that our paths have crossed.”

– Chief Financial Officer, energy company

I like the way you blend the spiritual, the authentic, and the business aspects to make this a very practical, useful book. I absolutely am thinking about my 1% better day by day. I like the chapter format with key takeaways at the end – this makes it easy to go back and find my actual steps to use this work in my life.

 – Director of Finance, biotech multinational

It’s really impressive. Both pragmatic and an entertaining read. I like the personal anecdotes. They make the reader feel comfortable and compliment the practical suggestions. I feel like it gave me a lot clearer picture on what it would be like to work together.

 – General Manager, global commercial construction

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. Thank you for your willingness to be vulnerable and courageousness to share yourself. What you learned through your pain has birthed an incredible process to help others. You have already seen how this is working with yourself and your clients, and now many will have access to your gift. The vibration of the planet will rise!

 – Owner, public relations agency

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