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Do You Face These Challenges?

Finding inclusion in diversity

Unexpected shifts have rattled our society, challenging the ways we do business and interact with one another. The ripple effects have radically changed the ways we need to engage our teams. The generations working today were shaped by diverse events, parenting styles of those times in history, and access to technology. For all of the reasons we seem unalike, I believe we are far more similar than we might first appear. We all desire to be trusted, to be respected, to be coached, and to be taught. Through challenges, we can find unity. I train teams to find the common ground, similarities, and oneness.

Low employee engagement

According to Gallup, only 35% of the American workforce is actively engaged (i.e. likes their jobs or careers) and 65% dislikes their work.

Limited communication

Most leadership teams exclude their employees from high-level decision making out of personal fear they’ll lose their power.

No strategic plan

Organizations without a focused, comprehensive, and values-driven strategy are prone to low retention, high turnover, and poor performance.

Time mismanagement

With no defined productivity measures, employees may fill time with activities unrelated to what will benefit clients the most.

Unshared appreciation

We change culture by praising behaviors aligned with strategy, but many organizations deliver negative consequences instead.

Disconnected core values

Having a mission and core values is important, but low performing organizations don’t design reward or compensation systems around them.

Discover The Benefits

Connecting personal and organizational values

Through training and certification programs, group coaching, strategic planning, leadership consulting, and serving as an organization’s “staff psychologist,” my focus is on setting a long-term vision, creating structures to align all employee behavior with the strategic plan, and to cross-functionally connect team members to form deeper relationships. The team will coalesce around a common cause, be more happy and engaged, and become more accountable and productive.

Employee happiness

When employees’ personal “why’s” are aligned with your organization’s mission, they feel a deeper connection and offer more effort.

Inspired leaders

Your team can accomplish more when diverse and emotionally intelligent leaders coach their teams to higher levels.

Frequent communication

The most productive employees are those frequently asked for their opinion and involved in decision making.

Transparent strategic plan

Teams that openly share resources find efficiencies, new revenue, and better ways to deliver client experiences.

Personal security

Employees who feel safe to be vulnerable, take risks, and offer unique opinions are often more engaged at work.

Productive time management

Alignment of employee to department to annual goals to long-term plans ensures effort is applied to what matters most.

Culture of appreciation

Whether face-to-face, in group settings or via electronic systems, expressing gratitude frequently creates award-winning cultures.

Values driven

Younger generations value the employment experience and choose employers who live their values and are community change makers.

A learning culture

Societal change is increasing the need for internal non-traditional, peer-to-peer learning structures that appeal to all employees.

Success Story

Becoming a High Performing, Top 100 Firm



Let’s connect for 30 minutes about your challenges and ideas and how a coach can help. I’ll listen actively, identify themes, ask questions, offer suggestions, and seek your opinion. I’ll share processes, stories, and potential outcomes. You’ll choose whether I’m the right coach to help transform your goals into reality.

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Imagine, an entire team of coaches

Whether a one-hour team training or an ongoing monthly retainer, I partner with you to clearly define metrics-based objectives that help me customize training, consulting and coaching to resolve team challenges, create emotional connections, and align employee behavior. Topics I address include communicating across generations, tailoring communication (using the DISC assessment), developing emotional intelligence, implementing strategic plans, and creating a coaching mindset organization wide. Through cloud-based platforms, I communicate with you often and transparently. The world’s information is available at our fingertips and an empowered workforce who shares ideas, supports one another, and accomplishes big goals together is a competitive advantage.