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My Personal Mission

I exist to unlock human potential through the development of personal and professional well being.

I support driven individuals who want to succeed in the 21st century experience economy. These individuals know they have not reached their pinnacle and they have more to give to the triple bottom line. These business professionals are in search of their personal mission, a higher purpose. They want to discover and apply their strengths, find their true voice and create a strategic plan to best express who they are. I help these leaders learn by doing and move from managerial success to societal significance.

Through my Incorporate You™ process, I help you apply business strategy concepts to your career, determine how to live in a place that you truly belong, and build meaningful and lasting relationships. I challenge you to use your talents to do something you believe in, and thrive in an environment that fits who you are. I will help you live life with the autonomy you deserve, the ability to master your chosen profession and find a higher purpose where you can contribute to a cause greater than your own. I help people disconnected from their purpose uncover and live their purpose.

I fear mediocrity more than failure.


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How have our parents shaped us, for better or worse, and the steps you can take to accentuate or minimize that impact. For the Difference Making Tip, skip to 19:10.


Michael S. Seaver is an accomplished Executive Coach, Consultant, and Thought Leader with a decade of success across the aerospace, education, healthcare, hospitality and e-commerce industries. Leveraging extensive experience as an executive coach for large companies in a range of industries, he is a valuable asset for companies in the $250 million plus range working to transform company culture to grow to maturity or avert decline. His broad areas of expertise include executive leadership, personal branding, change management, organizational effectiveness and employee engagement. He writes content for Forbes, is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and serves on the board of directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona.

 Michael’s Publications

Building and Recognizing Best Companies

Using survey and application data from the 2017 Most Admired Companies Award Program, Michael writes about the top five ways you can develop a high trust workplace culture.  Driving retention in a low unemployment economy is difficult, especially if your organization doesn’t yet have a defining brand or culture.  If you want to strengthen your #1 asset, your people, read this white papter.

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Creating a Leadership Pipeline: Developing the Millennial Generation into Finance Leaders

Read Michael’s white paper about the role of finance leaders in nurturing the next generation of leaders. Millennials’ desire for individuality require the development of a wide variety of methodologies and practices to engage and transfer knowledge. The report provides in depth information about millennial character traits, hard and soft skills desired of this generation, the 10 – 20 – 70 continual learning framework and a mentorship program that serves to deeply connect your millennial workers to your organization’s mission.


Incorporate You™
The Incorporate You™ manual is a blueprint for utilizing the DISC assessment to unlock your potential, develop your career, and advance your personal brand. The manual is full of incredible resources, templates, and ideas that you can use to unlock your potential. If you want to discover and apply your strengths, find your true voice and create a plan to achieve your personal and professional goals, the Incorporate You™ manual is the experience you’ve been searching for.

fearing mediocrity sketches_webcoverFearing Mediocrity
In this eBook, you will read stories about transferable skills and values required for the 21st century emerging professional. In each chapter, you will be given step-by-step processes to learn how eight practical skills will allow you to unlock your potential and truly develop personal and professional well being.

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