Get Started 

Executive coaching solutions

The Process

  • Once we’ve made the commitment to work together, we’ll define objective deliverables and I’ll customize my Purpose Driven Leadership Experience to your goals. 

  • You’ll complete the TriMetrix® EQ assessment, a core values activity, and a 10-point questionnaire. We’ll draft your personal mission, short- and long-term goals, and the tangible ways you’ll share your executive brand with your community. 

  • Depending on what you’d like to accomplish, we may dive into productivity and time management best practices, find unique ways you can engage your team more deeply or review change management methodologies. We may meet in person or virtually and we’ll share a cloud-based document to capture notes, action items, and resources. 

  • I’ll do homework for you and accountability check ins between meetings to support you as you walk down a more aligned, fulfilling, and purposeful path. 

  • Often, words don’t teach. Experiences do. I’ll help you take calculated risks, push your own boundaries, and learn experientially. When our time together is coming to a close, I’ll provide you with my notes, action items for you to consider, and a small gift to thank you for investing in yourself.

Your choices

One-to-One Solutions


  • On a case-by-case basis, I may work with clients for an hourly fee. Whether in person or virtually, I’ll create a safe, vulnerable, confidential environment for you to share your challenges and goals.
  • I’ll ask a series of how, what, and why questions designed to pull possibilities out of you.
  • We’ll discuss potential advantages, the costs of inaction, and a course of action most aligned with your life’s mission.

One Day

  • This includes 13+ hours of executive coaching via a 1-hour pre-VIP day conference call, the VIP day, a 1-hour call 30 days after the VIP day, and a 1-hour call 60 days after the VIP day.
  • The VIP Day is designed to give you access to components of the Purpose Driven Leadership Experience that offers you personal clarity, confidence to make aligned decisions, and personal belief you’re headed down the right life path for you.


  • This includes and requires a minimum of six months of executive coaching.
  • We meet twice per month and I remain available via email, text and phone between meetings.
  • I’ll walk you through the Purpose Driven Leadership Experience with meaningful learning activities between meetings, purposeful reflection points, and safe conversations that move you closer to your authentic self.



Let’s connect for 30 minutes about your challenges and ideas and how a coach can help. I’ll listen actively, identify themes, ask questions, offer suggestions, and seek your opinion. I’ll share processes, stories, and potential outcomes. You’ll choose whether I’m the right coach to help transform your goals into reality.