You may be working in an industry or organization that is undergoing ever increasing change. This can be difficult on various levels, especially when on-boarding new colleagues and determining how to best work together, be efficient, and drive productivity. A recent Inc. article discussed the idea of creating a one-page user’s manual about yourself for others to know how to best interact with you. It could be utilized by a person you’ve worked with for years or the new hire that just joined the team. Here is an outline of five areas that you will want to clarify for yourself and then share openly in one-to-one settings with your colleagues:

Values – What are your personal intention, ambition, and brand statements?

Strengths – What are your natural abilities and how do they help others be better versions of themselves? What additional value do you bring to the organization?

Expectations – How do you commit to the job beyond normal work hours? What is your ideal work environment?

Processes – How do you handle conflict? How do you prefer to have others communicate to you? How should others manage you?

Quirks – What are the idiosyncrasies that others should know about? What motivates you? What areas do you have for improvement?

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to take the DISC assessment currently being offered for free by TTI, Ltd. On their homepage, you can take the assessment and learn about your natural communication and behavioral styles, as well as what motivates you. With the report, the creation of the User’s Manual to You will be much simpler.