Celebrity is dead.

Said another way – idolatry, the worship of idols or the worship of someone or something other than God as though he, she, or it were God, is dead.

In the Age of Pisces, the astrological age of approximately 2,165 years leading up to 2021, each human soul found meaning by believing in something outside themselves. This could have manifested as a deity, celebrity, athlete, politician, animal, nature, or equivalent. In the Age of Aquarius, which humanity will be in for roughly the next 2,165 years, each soul that incarnates on Earth will discover deep meaning by following their intuition and discovering knowing from their own life experiences.

Key to the Piscean Age was “I Believe.” For the Aquarian Age, it is “I Know.”

In a more traditional sense, international public relations firm Edelman annually publishes its Trust Barometer. CEOs, politicians, media, etc. are no longer deemed credible or trustworthy by a representative sample made of more than 36,000 people across 28 world markets. However, a “person from my local community” is. Incredibly diverse people are ignoring those at the top of centralized hierarchies and investing into people like themselves.

Earth’s magnetic poles have shifted. Literally. 

The vast majority of humanity no longer trusts hierarchical systems and authority. You may not be aware, but these structures are imploding right in front of your eyes.

With so many seemingly unexplainable events occurring in the last year, it’s okay to look yourself in the mirror and shed your previously-held truths. The peaceful grass roots uprising has arrived in the form of “Freedom Convoys” in Canada, France, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S.

It’s time you trust YOUR intuition.

Mass Formation Psychosis 

Mass formation psychosis (or mass hypnosis) occurs when a large portion of society focuses on leaders, or a series of events, and they are led down an increasingly narrow path forced to focus on one small point or issue. Anyone who chooses to believe the narrative are effectively hypnotized and can then be led to believe most anything and then act on the false prophet’s suggestions. There are four recognized conditions that lead to this type of hypnosis. One, lack of societal bonding, has been in place the last two years as the world experienced stay at home orders, lockdowns, and travel restrictions. In person human contact was severely restricted. 

Two, these individuals believe that life is without purpose. Unexpected societal events don’t fit long-held mental models and narratives causing people to question the fabric of reality and the true meaning of life. I stopped counting the number of people I’ve interacted with who are unable to tell me their life’s purpose. When I ask, a look of despair washes over their faces. Three, the level of free floating anxiety in society rises. Many felt this as a result of having their normal routines flipped upside down in 2020, stress as to why non-COVID deaths were being counted as COVID deaths (also from the loss of loved ones and much more), and not understanding why ANTIFA and BLM we’re allowed to riot, loot, and destroy small businesses in democrat-controlled American cities without repercussion.

The fourth condition is excessive frustration and aggression. Many are angry at politicians, business leaders, and athletes for being dishonest, intentionally malevolent, and inducing unnecessary suffering amongst the most vulnerable members of our society. Consider educating yourself as to why American democrat state governors chose to move unhealthy patients out of overflowing hospitals and into long-term care facilities and nursing homes. According to a Johns Hopkins University study, lockdowns only reduced COVID deaths by .2%. However, researchers did find these orders caused enormous economic and social costs where they were enacted.

From the psychologists I talk with, the conditions were in place for billions to willingly accept the hypnotic trance malevolent leaders needed to lead them down emotionally dark paths.

Using mass formation psychosis and external events (i.e. false flags) to trigger targeted individual emotion and behavior isn’t new. Sigal Barsade, Professor of Management at Wharton, University of Pennsylvania, published research in a white paper entitled “The Ripple Effect: Emotional Contagion and Its Influence on Group Behavior” in 2002. Daniel Goleman, psychologist and author, published his book Emotional Intelligence in 1995 detailing how negative emotion led to physical illness and positive emotion led to increased levels of health. Turning back the clock five decades, in 1976 Louise Hay published Heal Your Body which detailed specific emotions and their direct effect on different parts of the human body. Additionally, I’m a huge fan of Karol K. Truman’s book Feelings Buried Alive Never Die and use it weekly in my work to identify the underlying emotion of a physical ailment so I can help the individual release stale mental models.

For centuries, humans have known how to manipulate the nervous system and leverage irrational emotion to drive certain behaviors at individual and group levels. I’m not exactly sure why mass hypnosis was used by the establishment mainstream media to control society’s current narrative. I’m also not sure why they wouldn’t and don’t transparently discuss the range of effects mass hypnosis has on the human population. The principles underlying journalism are the discovery of objective truth, independence from conflict of interest, impartiality in presenting all sides fairly, doing no harm to humanity, and the accountability to correct errors. Most media sources appear to not be abiding by these basic principles.

They’re no longer journalists, they’re “protected opinion” centers.

Humans are a deeply emotional species. YOU get to choose if you allow your emotions to be manipulated.

I haven’t listened to The Joe Rogan Experience episode where Dr. Robert W. Malone details what mass psychosis is, but the establishment media’s reaction to the episode is obvious and predictable. To prop up their own narrative, they said Rogan spread misinformation. Now they’re trying to pin him for racism. Next, it’ll be misogyny. Then, if they need it, transphobia. Rogan’s close friend, comedian Dave Chappelle, has already been subjected to the establishment’s tyranny. It will do most anything, except tell the truth, to discredit and silence influential people they haven’t blackmailed into submissive control. Their playbook’s malevolence is profound and they’ve caused an unforgivable amount of suffering. As more light is shed on their dubious tactics, you will be astounded.

As Dr. Malone said, “Very soon there will be hundreds of health officials saying “It was your choice, no one made you take it.

It’s fascinating to see how we live in a world with two diametrically opposed perceptions of reality existing in the same place. One is born out of the mass hypnosis influenced by media, government, and big pharma propaganda. The second is influenced by billions across the world trusting logic, lived experiences, observations, and their intuition.

The media helped to convince those in the first group to be afraid of the flu and common cold simply by changing its name. Hydroxychloroquine (approved in 1956), Ivermectin (approved in 1987), and Monoclonals (approved in 1986), all lifesaving treatments that were approved decades ago, were denigrated by the media to protect big pharma’s profits. The more people I talk with, the more I realize those who chose the COVID vaccination weren’t vaccinating against a virus with a 99.9%-plus survivability rate, they were vaccinating against losing their job, the opinions of family, friends, and colleagues, and the loss of the experiences they valued most. Remember, taking things away from people until they say yes is not choice… it’s coercion.

This quote from Russian novelist and philosopher Aleksander Solzhenitsyn summarizes what we’re experiencing on Earth right now – “We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying.

These people will do anything they can to suppress the expansion of human consciousness.

Whether you choose to believe this or not, humanity is living through 1930s and 40s Europe again. Genocide is happening… this time not with bombs, guns, and gas chambers, but with psychological operations, illegal public policy, and mRNA technology that is designed to alter human DNA.

Cognitive Dissonance Induced Grief 

As George Orwell, author of Nineteen Eighty-Four, said, “The people will believe what the media tells them to believe.

Most of humanity is experiencing, or will soon experience, overwhelming cognitive dissonance. This occurs when someone has strong core beliefs and new evidence is presented that challenges the long-held self narrative. These persons don’t want to accept that their core belief is no longer valid, so they rationalize, ignore, and even deny anything that doesn’t align with the core belief. I see it weekly and it’s brutal to encounter. Perhaps the politician you voted for has kept none of his or her promises. Maybe you’re starting to realize that the western allopathic medical system cares more about profit than healing. Or, you’ve finally understood that trillions of dollars in rote learning university student debt is unsustainable when the world’s information is available for free online and humans learn best by engaging their five senses.

Ask yourself, how is it possible that there is no vaccine for HIV after 40 years of research, no vaccine for cancer after roughly 100 years, and no vaccine for the flu or common cold? Yet, a virus mysteriously appears (just as Fauci predicted on January 10, 2017) in December 2019 and within 12 months four big pharma companies all released their mRNA technology in the same week (December 14, 2020)… and that humanity is mandated to take it. Coincidence? Or, is it possible there’s something they’re not telling us?

And, in today’s dystopian world, if you have ebola, meningitis, conjunctivitis, strep throat, measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, pertussis, tuberculosis, hepititis, shingles, MRSA, chicken pox, a cold or the flu, you can still travel internationally, work in your employer’s office, go to school, eat at restaurants, workout at your gym, shop at the mall, buy groceries, and so much more without showing your vaccine passport. Why is it so important to get as many people as possible, even children under age five, injected with mRNA?

I said in my book, I Know, that the western medical system would look radically different in the coming years. In 2022, you’re watching the beginning of the dissolution. John D. Rockefeller used the classic strategy of “problem-reaction-solution” to fund the 1910 Flexner Report which created the tyrannical medical system western nations live with today. From the beginning, allopathic medicine was not designed to heal an illness’ root cause, it was designed to lessen your body’s natural healing response and relieve the ailment’s symptoms.

It was literally designed to NOT heal the root cause. It’s designed to keep humanity sick.

If this system can choose who receives medical treatment based on vaccination status of just one of the above viruses, it isn’t healthcare, it’s a criminal racket. Although its been labeled a pandemic, COVID is first and foremost a psychological operation, and it killed science, logic, evidence-based medicine, and rational thought.

In the coming years, western nations will shift from a pure focus on allopathic medicine and integrate homeopathic techniques to address how emotions create physical illness. I believe most pharma companies will disappear as focus moves from masking symptoms to preventing illness. The next medical system will heal the human body, and its soul, at the quantum level.

Do you know what Rockefeller also funded three years after the Flexner Report? The American Cancer Society.

As Walter Jon Williams said, “I’m not afraid of werewolves or vampires or haunted hotels, I’m afraid of what real humans beings do to other real human beings.

I also want you to ask yourself, how is it possible that a jury rightfully convicted Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s handler, the sex trafficker of children and women, but the politicians, business leaders, celebrities, and athletes they trafficked for have not been arrested. Our society doesn’t have passports for pedophiles, rapists, and civil rights offenders. The people who are REAL and actual threats to society don’t have to show their papers because it violates their human rights. They literally have more rights than someone who is COVID unvaccinated. People are in arms about Joe Rogan, but Spotify continues to play R. Kelly’s music and material from Bill Cosby, both convicted sexual predators. Spotify appears to condone sexual assault, human trafficking, and pedophilia, but attempts to silence someone who is actively promoting first amendment rights, thoughtful conversation, and life-saving information.

It’s time you consider the possibility that pedophiles control the world.

As humanity connects the dots and realizes the reality in which they live, extreme feelings of grief will be felt. Because I’m a fan of psychologist Martin Seligman, Director of the Penn Positive Psychology Center and former President of the American Psychological Association and recognized by many as the father of positive psychology, I believe sharing his research on overcoming grief using the 3 P’s – personalization, pervasiveness, permanence – is important here. Personalization occurs when you think you are to blame for negative events occurring. Instead of taking responsibility for something that’s not your fault, find the patterns in the outside people and factors that allowed this tyranny on humanity. When the truth comes out, do not blame yourself. Pervasiveness is thinking a difficult situation will affect all areas of your life. Although parts of who you are will be affected, most of your life and key relationships will continue with no consequences. And, permanence, is the belief that the harsh feelings will last forever. They won’t. They’re temporary and you’ll be more emotionally resilient and wiser when similar emotions appear in the future.

You and I know the truth always comes out, no matter how many try to hide or stop it. It’s a temporary delay to the inevitable. The American government tried for three decades to cover up that it was responsible for Martin Luther King Jr.’s death, only to have a Memphis, TN jury deliver a guilty verdict on December 8, 1999 confirming they caused his death.

When the truth comes out, don’t ask me how I knew, ask yourself why you didn’t.

Time For Reflection 

One day soon, many will hang their head in shame when they realize the evil they defended and the heroes they looked down upon, ridiculed, and “canceled.” They couldn’t see how mass hypnosis was used to deceive them, and the world. Billions of well-meaning humans will struggle to process their grief as their core beliefs shatter. It’ll be up to each of us to band together in our local communities to help our brothers and sisters rebuild their lives.

It’ll be incredibly challenging work, but beyond meaningful.

As the CIA confirmed in the June 1983 document, “Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process,” Earth is an energetic hologram and astral projection (out of body experiences) is real. Of Earth’s electromagnetic spectrum, the human eye can only see .0035% of it. Your eyes can’t see the microwave heating your food, or the musician’s guitar strumming hit your ear, or the WIFI signal sending your text message. As some spiritual teachers say, out of body experiences happen daily and thoughts do become things. Metaphysically, your soul is a piece of data (you’re a fractal of Source/God) carrying information as you move through a circuit system (buildings, cities, countries). That system was designed to syphon your spiritual energy. But, humanity is on the precipice of an incredible awakening that will allow for you to distribute your soul’s energy in any way you wish.

You can ignore the reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring that reality.” Ayn Rand

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, from birth to age six, the human brain operates in the theta brain wave (reduced consciousness, meditation, dreams) state. The brain is effectively a sponge soaking in every experience it encounters and the environment around it. Imagine the human brain being a computer. What we learn in theta gets baked into our unconscious, which processes 400 billion bits of information per second. After age six, humans transition into the beta brain wave (consciousness, thinking, excitement) state and begin to make conscious, ego-driven choices. Our conscious mind processes about 2,000 bits of information per second. To help us make safe and rational choices, our conscious mind uses what’s been stored in our unconscious to guide us. But, the mental models in our unconscious aren’t exactly ours. They’re what our parents and communities taught us from birth to age six.

For you to shed their mental models and define your own, it’s imperative you make time for reflection, and learning to trust your intuition, daily. This process takes years and it’s one of the main reasons your soul chose to incarnate on Earth. Here are questions you can use to slowly guide your awakening and to make sense of what’s occurring across the world.

  1. What were you acculturated to believe? Reflect on your parents’ core values and the lessons they tried to teach you, their daily routines and the long-term effects of those habits, and their emotional response to fear, stress, and hardship. Think deeply about the underlying assumptions of your education system, religious institution, and community. All of these factors come together to form the mental models you likely unknowingly use still today.
  2. What does your intuition tell you about your life’s experiences? Most often, your intuition will assign these experiences a negative emotion, e.g. sadness, fear, anger, disgust, surprise. To help you dive deep into why these events transpired, consider exploring yourself metaphysically through Millman’s Life Purpose Calculator, The Pattern app, the International Human Design School, or the Co-Star app. You could also explore your behavioral profile, unconscious motivations, personal core values, or use the past, present, and future Q&A in chapter 4 of I Know.
  3. How can you reassign these key events a neutral or positive meaning? All emotional reactivity today is due to an unhealed wound. You may consider healing modalities including reflexology, acupuncture, sound, EFT, EFT tapping, EMDR, or hypnosis/regression. Key to you not repeating stale mental models is reprogramming your unconscious to no longer trigger your limbic system when confronted by situations today that used to trigger strong emotion. Difficult life experiences taught you important lessons that you use today. You learned a lesson, built deeper emotional resilience, developed new skills, or met impactful people. Healing is finding the positive meaning in experiences we formerly perceived as negative.
  4. How can I share my lessons learned with others overcoming a similar challenge? Emotional closure comes when we feel that our life’s challenges had meaning and we could use the lessons we learned to guide others to self discovery. If you remember the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy, we further our journey towards self actualization and contribute to the awakening of others. Humans find significant meaning in this.

From my current level of understanding, the human experience is akin to an upward spiral. As we age and ascend the spiral, we confront old mental models with new awareness that allows us to reprogram our unconscious to no longer be triggered by what previously triggered us. If your mental models and core beliefs are being shattered right now, invest time to reflect using the four questions above. The secrets to your soul’s healing will begin to be uncovered there. As the CIA confirmed, thoughts become things and you have the power to heal and transform into your most powerful self.

Finding Meaning In Your Obligations 

Unbeknownst to you, your emotions may have been used to manipulate your behavior. You may feel immense grief because your core beliefs have been challenged and may or may not be true any longer. Daily periods of reflection will help you reprogram your unconscious, your brain’s operating system.

Everybody wants to talk about their rights and privileges. Twenty-five years ago, people talked about their obligations and responsibilities.” – Lou Holtz, College Football Hall of Fame member.

So, how do you rebuild your life?

Willingly accept the obligation to pick up the absolute heaviest emotional burden you can carry to help reduce others’ suffering. 

Voluntarily accept suffering.

I’m serious.

For decades, very dark forces have produced TV shows, movies, magazines, nightly news, etc. to convince you that you’re not skinny enough, as educated as you should be, wealthy and entitled, of the wrong religion, and so many more artificial and arbitrary classifications that serve to keep you thinking you’re not enough. You are enough. After years of this messaging hitting you from every corner of your life, unconsciously, you believe you’re less than (a victim; not a whole, sovereign being) others around you and that you need to fight for your “rights.” Rights are man made and arbitrary, they’re different from country to country, and they’re designed to limit the state’s tyranny. Intuitively you know you’re not less than some external entity, but humans are a social species and when those close to you believe they’re less than, you unconsciously follow in their foot steps to feel accepted, heard, seen.

I recognize that the path of idolatry and being a member of a group allows you to feel safe. For years, I chose to idolize, work for large corporations, and subjugate myself to the Age of Pisces narrative of “I believe.” There’s significant utility in breaking free from this matrix and intentionally choosing to be a sovereign being that has obligations. You are 100% in control of your life. You do not have to follow or emulate others. It’s enormously empowering to believe you can be in the service of past, present, and future generations, and the planet itself, simply by shedding the no-longer-needed acculturation. Empower yourself by willingly accepting the Age of Aquarius narrative of “I know.”

Human DNA is the most powerful technology on the planet as it carries all the data of creation, your unique energetic signature, and directly connects you to the natural world. Remember what I said above about not being able to see 99.99% of what’s happening directly in front of your face? Ignore artificial intelligence and nanotechnologies that falsely claim to make you “superhuman.” In so many ways, in religious ideology, they’re the mark of the beast. Your soul incarnated on Earth as superhuman without the need for material technology.

Over the next few years, you’ll learn just how capable you are.

I believe your soul chooses its purpose on Earth, its Earth school curriculum if you will, prior to choosing parents and a physical body. Meaning is different for everybody, and the goal of life is not happiness, its finding meaning in all of your lived events. Our life’s events are objective as they have no meaning. Based on our acculturation and the society we were raised in, we assign the events meaning. Your perception is not reality – because you are not just who you are today – you’re a community of selves. You’re who you were in your past, who you are today, and who you’re aiming to become in the future. Unfortunately, in the Age of Pisces, those that controlled society placed scientific imperialism above spirituality and true religion.

As Roman philosopher Seneca said approximately 2,000 years ago, “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.

In the Age of Aquarius, spirituality and science will be held in equal regard. A new quantum world is forming and you’re likely completely unaware because the establishment has been hiding this from humanity for centuries. As humanity slowly walks into its new reality, I encourage you to uncover new meaning from the patterns you uncover in life’s seemingly mundane events.

  1. Your Dreams’ Meaning – According to Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud, there are two types of dreams, latent (hidden symbolic psychological meaning) and manifest (actual literal subject matter). If you’re not able to extrapolate the symbolic meaning of your dreams, consider using tools such as Dream Dictionary or Dreammoods. They will help you uncover insights your soul is trying to share with your conscious ego mind. As you slowly identify the patterns, you’ll feel more aligned with your life’s mission, have emotional clarity, and more readily identify how you can use your talents to reduce others’ suffering. 
  2. Animals – I use the book Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson to help me understand what the universe is trying to tell me when I see an animal in my waking life. These sightings are powerful signs that give us guidance through life situations and help us reconnect to Earth and our authentic selves.
  3. Everyone is a Mirror – Because Earth is an energetic hologram, the people you interact with are there to teach you specific things about yourself, your soul’s journey, and what actions you could take next to benefit yourself and the collective consciousness. For example, if someone triggers you negatively, that’s a sign you have an unhealed wound you could address. If you encounter someone you admire, that’s a sign you’re making progress toward your true self and it’d benefit you to emulate something about the person you admire. Energetically, nothing is random.
  4. Rescue Your Father – an important piece of your Earth school curriculum is to honor what mental models your father passed to you. This helps you understand how you are unknowingly repeating them in your life. Then, you can work to stop those behaviors and replace them with a more authentic being by reflecting on the four questions I offered above. Your obligation is to then “rescue your father from the belly of the whale”  by teaching him how to break his old mental models. This further heals you, him, and other members of your family.

Celebrity, idolatry, is dead.

Now is the time to look yourself in the mirror and shed your previously-held truths. It’s time you trust your intuition. Earth (and you if you choose to) is about to experience an incredible metamorphosis.

Do you have the will to transform?