In episode 8 of Equal Chance To Be Unequal, Michael shares the 5 habits he tries to instill in each of his clients. He begins the podcast with a brief reflection asking you to consider the process you use to set and then quality check progress on your corporate goals. Michael then asks you to define how you set and check progress on personal goals. Are there differences between the two? If so, why?

You likely have seen various predictions for what may happen in 2018. Three that Michael found intriguing are a potential M&A boom, a coming stock market correction and the American mall becoming the new town square. He discusses the societal changes in depth and how they may impact the growth of your career. Michael then dives into the five habits – 1 work and life integration, 2 pattern recognition through reflection, 3 support your genetics… and epigenetics, 4 personal commitment and peer accountability and 5 review your “why”. As he discusses each, he reviews the major challenges he sees clients encountering, provides a client example of how he/she dealt with that challenge and describes specific actions you can take to make that habit a daily ritual for you. After all, goals are only as good as the daily time you devote to achieving them.

If you haven’t heard of 23andMe, Boulder Longevity Institute, Viome, auto-analytics, FOMO or FOJI or Gallup’s State of the American Workplace… or if you desire to confront your fears, distribute time differently, be healthy, have an accountability partner or live your personal mission each day, be sure to listen to episode 8 of Michael’s podcast.

Go forth and be awesome!

Resources Michael discusses –
Boulder Longevity Institute
5-minute Journal –
DISC / 12 Driving Forces
Harvard article – Reflected Best Self
Gary Vaynerchuk
Tim Ferriss
Dan Ariely – Predictably Irrational
Dave Asprey – Bulletproof Coffee, Bulletproof Radio
Robert Cialdini – Influence – State of the American Workplace
The 5 Love Languages Quiz

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